Changing in 11.44 – Database Name Length Restriction

UPDATE - We have updated our plans for database prefixing and maximum username and database name lengths. For more information, read our latest post: Update to Recent Database Prefixing Post.

This year, we have worked to remove the restrictions on database name length. As of cPanel & WHM version 11.44, you will be able to create:

  • MySQL databases with names that are up to 64 characters long
  • PostgreSQL databases with names that are up to 63 characters long
  • PostgreSQL usernames that are up to 63 characters long

We will also disable database prefixing for new databases and remove the Database Prefixing option from WHM (Home >> SQL Services >> Disable Database Prefix).

New databases that you and your users create will not automatically include a username prefix. However, existing databases and databases that you transfer or restore will retain their username prefixes. You will still have the option to manually add a username prefix in a new database’s name.

Administrators and developers of plugins and other third-party software should plan accordingly.

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  • ali

    thank you.
    آپلود عکس

  • J. Nick Koston
  • Alasdair Stewart

    This is a terrible idea, for all of the reasons discussed over at WHT
    (no point repeating them endlessly!): I really do hope
    you reconsider.

  • Ryan Smith

    The option to keep database prefixing needs to remain. For shared hosts this just adds so much unnecessary complexity and inevitable conflicts. Please keep the option.

  • Mark Wurkz

    This is a failure, it should be made just as an option and not by default.

  • Karl Austin

    I can’t express how much of a bad idea this is. This is going to increase the support workload of hosts due to customers complaining that database names aren’t available – “But I’ve not created one called wordpress before”. That and it means taking a quick look at the MySQL processlist no longer informs who the troublesome user is without a further lookup. Bad bad bad idea cPanel, this is a step backwards.

    Extra steps needed to do any routine job are not good.

    You’d be far better off not changing stuff that works and fixing things that have been broken for several year, like maybe the poor multi-domain support?

  • Kailash

    This is not a good move for server administrators and this will create lots of issue when server administrator plans to consolidate their 2-3 servers in one high performance server. There is a possibility of database name conflict when we consolidate 2-3 servers.

    Currently cPanel server consolidation is an easy and straight forward but after removing database prefix, I think it will not and it will be a pain for server administrators.

  • Dean Walsh

    I would definitely prefer to have an option to leave the username prefix.

  • Kenneth Power

    Thank you everyone for your honest (and passionate) feedback on what we felt to be a seemingly small matter internally. We are currently examining all the points you made.

  • Eduardo Maio

    Please keep the option to maintain the prefixes. Plesk was like this and it was a nightmare, they have now enforced prefixes like CPanel does. There is a very good reason for that.

    It’s easier for a customer to name is database username_db instead of trying to create a new database db and seeing that is already exists.