cPanel Conference 2013: Day One

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Where did the time go?  As we head into Day Two of cPanel Conference 2013, let’s review the action thus far. Robert Marsh, President and CEO of, started us off with his rousing keynote on “Entrepreneurship, If I Knew Then What I Know Now” followed by Christian Dawson, COO of ServInt, with a keynote on “Lessons From 18 Years in Web Hosting.” For keynote highlights, check out Ping! Zine’s coverage:

The rest of the day was filled with so much to see, do, and (most importantly) learn! Along with our always amazing sessions and panels, this cPanel Conference marked the start of the cPanel lab. For the first time, attendees were able to interact with the speaker and the product or feature simultaneously. It is quite possible that D. Ruth Bavousett’s lab “Let’s Play with API: Writing a Simple Perl Script” drew the largest crowd. This cPanel Integration Developer continued her earlier session, “Pluginology 101: Integration Using the cPanel & WHM API,” with a hands-on, guided tour of the Perl script writing process.

Another cPanel Conference fan favorite was the debut of “Speed Geeking.” Attendees talked to different cPanel experts in nine-minute time slots. In a format reminiscent of speed dating, participants discussed everything from development to support. For instance, the marketing folks doled out advice on partner productization while also investigating usability obstacles. It was a win-win opportunity for both parties!

Of course, the most happening place to be is on the exhibit floor. This year, exhibitors came out in full force. HP spoke to attendees about the HP Moonshot System, a software-defined web server. The SSL Store was on hand with information on AutoInstall SSL and a prize wheel filled with all kinds of goodies. We were excited to welcome Fireblade, from Tel Aviv, Israel, for the first time. After making their way around the exhibitor floor, attendees were more than happy to join Igor Seleskiy, Founder and CEO of CloudLinux, at the company’s booth for a relaxing moment (or ten) in a comfy massage chair.

After covering so much ground in Day One, one can only imagine what Day Two of cPanel Conference 2013 has in store!

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Why I Should Go to cPanel Conference

There are a lot of different industry events out there, but cPanel Conference is unique. Our goal is not to overwhelm with research, impress with attendance numbers or to give you aggressive sales pitches, but in community. We genuinely want to improve your cPanel & WHM software knowledge through educational sessions and slow-paced, hands-on Lab sessions designed to give you new skills you can apply as soon as you return to your office. We’ve allocated plenty of time to chat with great companies that are exhibiting, so you can also learn what’s new in their products that will benefit you. Also, you’ll be able to attend extraordinary cPanel events in New Orleans that you’ll be talking about for years to come. The bottom line is, everyone at cPanel is passionate about creating a conference experience you’ll return to year-after-year.

So where’s the glitch? We understand approval can sometimes be hard to get. Not really sure how to make your case with management? If the overview above isn’t enough to drive the point home, no problem. Let’s get an email to your boss ready! Let me just preface what I’m sure you already know: the words in the brackets will be changed to your own, and please, don’t leave the brackets, that would be awkward. Continue reading

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They Say, Ruby, You’re Like a Dream…

Greetings Ruby Developers and EasyApache Users!

Now that we have the latest version of Tomcat up and rolling, it is time to turn our attention to Ruby. We are gathering up supplies for our extended stay in the Ruby/Rails/Passenger Vault-Tec Vault™. To make our seclusion a little more comfy and entertaining we would love to hear about how you currently use Ruby/Rails/Passenger. Continue reading

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Speed Geeking & cPanel Labs: cPanel Conference ’13

As cPanel Conference grows, you’ve expressed interest in new ways to interact and learn, making it a continually evolving experience. We’ve had some fantastic suggestions from you along the way through the feedback survey, and this year we’re able to bring a couple of new things to the table that you’ll love!

Since a lot of the brilliant people attending cPanel Conference enjoy seeing and doing, we’re bringing cPanel Labs to our conference so you can do just that! You requested the opportunity to work with cPanel experts from various departments in a hands on environment and it’s here! You won’t be sitting and watching, you will be doing, and have some new things to incorporate into your own work. Continue reading

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“I Got 99 Problems but a Click ain’t One”

I’ve often mentioned the ‘big twinkie’ that is mobile and/or responsive design, and the dramatic changes that wave is making on not only user interfaces, but how users interact with them.

For as long as we’ve had websites, the one thing you could always count on being questioned about in a review is “how many clicks does the user have to do?”. It’s as if everyone read the CliffsNotes on UI/UX and that one little nugget was all anyone came away with. Continue reading

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PHP 5.5.1 *EXPERIMENTAL* Available in EasyApache 3.22.2

The long-awaited PHP 5.5 in all of its PHP 5.5.1 goodness is now available through EasyApache 3.22.2

However, PHP 5.5 is only available for cPanel & WHM version 11.38 and later. Also, PHP 5.5 is only currently available for CentOS 6, but it will be available for CentOS 5 in an upcoming version of EasyApache. Continue reading

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The Partner Track: First Steps

Recently cPanel got a new partner in Hyve Hosting! Hyve Hosting is a leading hosting provider in the United Kingdom. They specialize in mission-critical, fully managed Cloud hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Secure SFTP hosting. They provide dedicated support 24/7/365 to a broad range of clients including Nokia, LG, British Airways, and Phones 4U.

Have you ever wondered about the process of becoming a cPanel partner? Hyve Hosting has been kind enough to share their experience, and we’re excited to check in with them a couple more times over the course of this year to share a solid look into the process. Continue reading

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cPanel Conference Events for 2013

One of the most celebrated components of cPanel Conference revolves around our incredible events. Some would say they’re unlike any other conference party, and we take great pride in that distinction. This year cPanel Conference will have events that “wow” in the grandest scale possible! Continue reading

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Impending End of Life Announcements from the EasyApache Team [Updated 7-31-13]

Just like other times in life, sometimes you have to know when to call it a night and retire gracefully. We’re busting out the hard hats and crowbars to say goodbye to our old friends, Apache 1.3/2.0, PHP 5.2, and Microsoft® mod_frontpage, by the end of 2013. While they may be *End-of-Life*, they’ll live on in our memories. Continue reading

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Part 3: How I Built a cPanel Hosting Environment on Amazon AWS

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed selecting and launching a new Amazon Machine Instance (AMI), creating and configuring that instance to serve as a dedicated name server, and worked through configuring a DNS Cluster for use within your subnet.

Today, we will launch and configure a standard Web Server instance using cPanel 11.39 or newer. I will discuss how to join the new instance to our existing DNS Cluster and how to ensure that 1:1 NAT is configured and working properly.

Continue reading

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