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Our Hands Got a Little Dirty: cPanel Conference 2014 Recap

This past week, Andrew Davis explained how his quest for meatloaf led him to discover that Google is the center of our universe, Cody McClain reminded us of the importance of adventure—even when you’re building a company, and roughly 400 web hosting professionals turned a city known for oil & gas into their own personal playground.


The ninth installment of our annual cPanel Conference began last Monday. After a day filled with unloading, unpacking, organizing, and other forms of physical activity foreign to people who work in tech, the cPanel team waited as our first exhibitors strolled in that afternoon to prepare for the coming days.


Our exhibitors, who came prepared to dole out endless amounts of t-shirts and goodies, also came equipped with some of the most elaborate booth setups we had ever seen. The SSL Store brought out every tailgater’s favorite pastime, cornhole, SoftLayer challenged attendees to a high-intensity server installation game, and our friends at McAfee gave away brand new iPhone 6’s to a few lucky guests. But perhaps the most exciting thing on the exhibit floor was WHMCS’s assortment of specialty sodas, which included flavors such as graham cracker, PB&J, s’mores, and our personal favorite, bacon.

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When the guests weren’t snagging free knick-knacks and enjoying games in the exhibit hall,  they were attending sessions put on by cPanel’s very own employees and some of our very special guests. Some of the sessions available for our guests included “The Latest Stories from the Nasty Edge of the Net” and “How to Not Develop Crappy Plugins” (we pride ourselves on doing this whole conference thing a little different). From engaging keynotes to hands-on workshops, our attendees could choose to sit back and absorb information, or dive into a lab and start playing around with new technology.

As with any conference, the true value comes from the opportunities offered to connect with other professionals and interface with potential clients. With that in mind, we made sure to add our special cPanel touch to the provided networking sessions. From opening night, where we enjoyed food and live music from guest DJ Elle Morgan, to the closing event where we all reunited with our inner twelve-year-olds at the Houston barcade, Joystix, our evenings were spent with laughter, festivities and lots of moments to truly get to know the faces and personalities behind the hosting industry.

10665193_10152764925216788_8476445808596813407_n It’s pretty easy to understand why the cPanel Conference is one of our favorite times of year. In three intense days, knowledge was gained, fun was had, and the big world of hosting became a little smaller. And while we pride ourselves on connecting hosting providers with website owners, we have to admit that sometimes it feels pretty good to just connect people…with people.

Sign up here to find out where we’re taking cPanel Conference 2015. Also, be sure to head over to our Facebook page to check out all the photos from the event.

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A preview of what’s possible with Paper Lantern

While developing customization support for Paper Lantern, the team and I created a number of styles to explore what is now possible.  Here are some screenshots of the kinds of styles we created internally.  Which one do you like the best? Can you think of any ideas we should explore?

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Visit WHMCS in Booth #1 at cPanel Conference

This post was provided by WHMCS, the exclusive Diamond sponsor for cPanel Conference 2014.

With just under 2 weeks to go until the cPanel Conference: Hands On Houston 2014, we’re busy preparing for our favorite conference of the year. And this time, we’re doing it in style!

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Dealing with InnoDB Corruption – Common Misconceptions

InnoDB, given its (relatively) recent change as the default engine of MySQL, can quickly take an unfamiliar administrator off-guard if they’re not aware of the way that InnoDB works behind the scenes. With that in mind, there’s a few key concepts you should probably be aware of if you’re working with any InnoDB tables – which, if you’re running cPanel on a remotely updated system, then by default, you are:

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Starting with Strace

What is strace?

Strace is a “system call trace” program. It attaches to a process and tracks system calls and signals made to and from it (and possibly it’s children). There are limitations to strace, some of which are detailed below. However, strace can be a very valuable tool for determining the root cause of many issues. This post only covers very basic usage of strace. The example used here can be done using jailshell.

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Customizing Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern made its debut in cPanel & WHM version 11.42 around February of this year. We said, at the time, that 11.42 was just the beginning. In 11.46, we’re turning our attention to the single most frequently requested feature for Paper Lantern.

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Localization: x3 and Paper Lantern in 29 Languages


I am Phil King, Product Owner for the Angry Llama scrum team, which is actively completing our work to provide translations for cPanel & WHM. Ken Power summarized the localization project in a recent post.

I am pleased to announce that we have merged the 29 available translations into cPanel & WHM version 11.46. This work represents a great many changes to how we phrase things in x3 and Paper Lantern and standardizes on a more modern locale system.

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Bro Code #514 – A Bro Always Updates His Custom Perl Modules

If you use custom code on your cPanel & WHM servers, please read this message! Without further action on your part, your custom code may break in cPanel & WHM version 11.46.

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Hands On Houston: cPanel Conference 2014

cPanel Conference 2014 is less than two months away and it is already shaping up to be our best conference yet. After last year’s exciting detour in New Orleans, we’re thrilled to be back home in Houston, Texas and we’re injecting our vibrant city’s flavor into this year’s experience.

If you’ve attended a previous cPanel Conference, you already know the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this event, but if you’ve never attended, here are just a few reasons why you should make the trip to Houston September 29 – October 1.

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No Server Left Behind! (Removal of MySQL Blockers)

Earlier this year, we implemented a blocker that requires you to upgrade your MySQL server to version 5.5 or later before you can upgrade your cPanel & WHM server to version 11.44.

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